Concern over Cheetah trafficking

Cheetah: there is concern over the number of reports of these animals being tracked © Ross Wilkinson / Flickr Creative Commons March 2012—CAWT Partner, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), has concerns that illegal cheetah trafficking continues to be very active, particularly in northern Africa.   In 2011, 27 cases involving illegal trafficking of 70 cheetahs were reported to CCF.   

Seventeen of the reported cases were in Somaliland involving 54 cheetahs.   Twenty-two cheetahs died following confiscation or while still with the smugglers, the fate of the remaining 27 is unknown.

Conditions in Somaliland mean that veterinary supplies and nutritional supplements are difficult to obtain along with a lack of expertise to take care of confiscated cheetahs. CCF hopes to transfer confiscated animals to a neighbouring nation such as Ethiopia, Kenya or Djibouti, where they can receive proper care.   However Somaliland is not a Party to CITES and cannot become one as it is not recognised as a sovereign state by the international community. It cannot therefore issue CITES permits to authorise exports from Somaliland.

This spreadsheet gives more details on confiscations in 2011 and 2012 (to date).   CCF considers 18 cases of the 27 cases from 2011 to be verified through photos, confirmed arrest, direct correspondence or other reports.   Eight cases are classified as unverified, but are credible due to the sources of information.   The ninth unverified case is a direct inquiry to CCF by someone in Saudi Arabia looking to buy a cheetah cub.

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