How to become a member of CAWT

Who can become a member of CAWT?

CAWT membership is open to any government or organisation that is active in the fight against the global illegal trade in wildlife and has significant international operations.

Applicants must be willing to affirm their commitment to CAWT’s objectives.

How to apply for membership of CAWT

To apply for CAWT membership, please send an application to:

Chair of CAWT
Wildlife Trade Regulation
Department of the Environment
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601

Applications should describe:
•    your government or organisation’s reasons for wishing to join CAWT
•    what your government or organisation can bring to CAWT
•    your government or organisation’s commitment to CAWT’s objectives
•    your government or organisation’s existing and/or proposed activities to combat wildlife trafficking.

Applications submitted on behalf of an organisation should also include:
•    information about the organisation’s mandate
•    the organisation’s membership profile or list

How CAWT membership applications are reviewed

On receipt of an application, the CAWT Chair will consult with all current CAWT members on the membership request. The applicant will be advised of the decision on the application, and if accepted, the applicant will be welcomed as a member of CAWT from the date of the notification of acceptance.